Thursday, July 21, 2011

Highlights of the Georgian Era

Sophia Charlotte Collage
My exploration of the Georgian Era dawned with the realization that examination of a life is worth taking it slow. In Royal Couture, I introduced Queen Sophia Charlotte. From this day forward I began to fall in love with this beautiful queen.

George III
Later, in the post A Face in the Crown, I confessed openly my love and affection for her husband, King George III. Never again will I refer to him as "mad," for this is a man I hold in high esteem, not only for his impact on English society but also for his impact on America.

Sophia Charlotte with her children
Though I am madly in love with these two, there were some areas in which they did not shine forth. I wrote all about it in a two-part series I titled Piety or Peace.

Lover's Eye Locket
And of course, the jewelry! We can't forget the jewelry. I wrote a lengthy post about the baubles of the Georgian Era titled Georgian Gems, a long but informative discourse on jewelry styles and fashion trends of their day.

I hope you've enjoyed this little walk through the first part of our year together. Stay tuned for highlights from the Regency Era in next week's post.


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