Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revisiting "A Face in the Crown"

George III
Photo courtesy of English Monarchs

I continue the transformation of the archives of Vintage Betrothal. They have become a gallery of photos with excerpts from my original posts. Here is today's excerpt:

As I’ve said before, I love King George III. Here’s the account I’ve thought about most often this week. Who wouldn't love a man who said of his future bride: “This is the lady whom I shall select for my consort [bride]: here are lasting beauties, on which the man who has any mind may feast and not be satiated. If the disposition of the princess but equals her intellect, I shall be the happiest man, as I hope, with my people’s concurrence, to be the greatest monarch, in Europe.”

George III & Sophia Charlotte
Photo courtesy of Stockphoto

I swoon every time I read these words. I want my ‘king’ to say such things to me, and perhaps he will when he finally gets a chance to sit down and read these words of mine.

From his very own words, it’s clear that George III prized pleasant and intelligent company. Having never met Sophia Charlotte, she stole his heart with a letter she boldly wrote to a different king, the one who ransacked her country. It was a very passionate letter and not only did it change the course of history for her countrymen, but it turned the heart of our king and led her to become queen of the greatest nation of her time.

Photo courtesy of Horse Hints
This would be yet another lesson we learn from her. Passionately be yourself. Speak your heart and mind. Expect that you can make a mark in your world when you stand up for what matters to you.

It isn’t necessarily about speaking out or speaking up. Not everyone is called to a national forum as she was. This can translate to doing whatever it is that you do with passion, purpose, and intellect; being a mom, being a wife, working in a corporation, working in a grocery store or gas station.

If you are passionate about what you do and set your mind to doing your best, not in competition but in commitment to giving as much as you have to give at any one moment, you will stand out. It may take awhile, but you will find yourself promoted, listened to, honored, and adored.

Princess Amelia
Photo courtesy of Chest of Books


  1. What a romantic love story. As I read the part about Queen Sophia Charlotte inquiring about a visit to see her love, King George III; I had the same thought as you. She saw no point in sticking around any longer. I even had a picture of her in my mind, she tossed up the papers, as a farewell gesture and died with a smile. What a great love story.

  2. Muy bueno! How hard it must be to maintain a romantic lifestyle when one has such great responsibilities.

  3. HisBride, I love your mental image of Queen Sophia Charlotte throwing up her papers and dying with a smile. I have adopted her smiling face as my final image of her, too. Thanks for commenting.

    Mom, no doubt!!! I'm glad I don't have those responsibilities on my shoulder, but I am encouraged that they could take pleasure in the simple things together day in and day out.