Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to US!

Blog Anniversary
Hello everyone! July 16th marks my one year anniversary blogging. This journey has been a wonder for me. I started out with very little confidence that I had anything to write that anyone would want to read. Thankfully, I made a commitment to my brother, which you can read about here. This commitment kept me going.

My first few months of writing were filled with a lot of frustration and a little bit of ranting. Who knew that research could take so much time? Who knew that I had such high standards for myself? Who knew that it would pay off in the end? I started this out knowing absolutely nothing about English queens and not much more about jewelry. I gave myself impossible deadlines and had no patience for my process. Once in awhile, I would give myself a break and write about something without doing any research, like I did in this post.

Esther & Jen's Blog
Then I had a breakthrough conversation with my sister-in-law, Esther, of Seattle Moms Deal Finder. She gave me some pointers and tips. These tips, combined with my increased understanding of the ebb and flow of my personal writing process, gave me the permission I needed to not only take you on a journey of these historical queens and their transformation, but also to share more of my own transformation with you as a blogger. I wrote about that here in this post about research.

Fashion Across the Eras
And after one whole year, I have nearly finished three eras of jewelry, the Georgian Era, the Regency Period, and the Victorian Era. It has been an education for me on so many levels, and I can see by my readership that many of you have enjoyed the journey with me. I hope you will stick with me in the coming year as we explore the Edwardian Period and then slowly make our way into the latter periods of jewelry history, when choosing the queen will be a little more exciting and challenging.

Thanks for reading! I wouldn't be here today without your support and your encouragement along the way! Next week, I'll share highlights from the Georgian Era.

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  1. One year already, WOW! For those of us who have been readers for a year, it is very evident of your writing and blogging growth! Keep up the good work.