Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revisiting "Royal Couture"

Sophia Charlotte Collage
Photo courtesy of Polyvore

I hope you enjoy these images as reminders of Vintage Betrothal's history, a time when posts were longer and about UK Queens. In this post, I introduced our first woman of the hour, Queen Sophia Charlotte. Here is an excerpt from that post:

In that vein, I want to introduce to you Sophia Charlotte, queen consort to King George the Third. She was born a princess in Germany in 1744, and she reigned as Queen over England from September 8, 1761, until her death on November, 17, 1818. King George the Third chose Sophia Charlotte as his wife based solely on a letter she wrote in her youth to the King of Prussia on behalf of her people.

Upon reading the entirety of this letter, King George was smitten. He said of her, “This is the lady whom I shall select for my consort: here are lasting beauties, on which the man who has any mind may feast and not be satiated. If the disposition of the princess but equals her intellect, I shall be the happiest man, as I hope, with my people’s concurrence, to be the greatest monarch, in Europe. [2]” Be still, my heart! I think I’m a bit smitten with King George.

Anyway, as you will discover, I’m madly in love with Queen Sophia Charlotte, as well. Her depths of character astound me, and I’m eager to learn all I can from her about how to become royalty.

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