Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspired by Rest

Finding Joy in the Journey
I'm working on next week's post about mourning jewelry and the Grand Period of the Victorian Era. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know how things went this past week. I definitely rested from writing. I did work on my projects around the house, but progress is slow and steady. I have worked in both my office, the hall closets, and the kids' bedrooms. I am probably at about the halfway point with all three rooms, and that is both encouraging and discouraging.

I have stopped trying to make goals and have decided to simply allow myself the joy of the journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed sorting through pictures, abandoned craft projects, drawings done by my best friend and yours truly in high school, and baby memorabilia. There are so many projects waiting for another day, and I am more than happy to box them up in their own separate bins and allow them to wait until the time is right for their day of completion. Right now it feels as though things are actually worse than when I started, but when I realize how much I've separated, how much I've organized, and how few boxes are left, I must say that I've done a great job.

Joy in the Journey
There was another benefit from taking a break from writing. I have written all about it on my other blog, Brightness of Your Dawn. I hope you enjoy reading about the fruit of resting from my labors. I am excited to share the fruit with all of you in the coming weeks.

I will leave you with the best quote I've found so far in my research for next week's post:

"For the rest of her life she adhered, in the main, to what she felt Albert would have wanted—in her personal and moral life and in her political decisions. In so doing, she upheld the values of an Albertinian morality—the ethics of hard work, duty, civic pride, seriousness of purpose, and moral rectitude—that we now have come to call 'Victorian.'" ~Helen Rappaport

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