Monday, September 27, 2010

Timely Inspiration

Stay tuned this Wednesday, as we will be wrapping up our study of Queen Sophia Charlotte. To be honest, I've been facing down fear once again. I've had a serious case of writer's block this week and have been turning around and around in my mind the different approaches I could take to discuss this week's topic. Up until just a few minutes, I was wasting time trying to come up with a way to bring all my thoughts together to say what it is that I really want to say to all of you this week. Thankfully, as usual, inspiration has come just in the nick of time. It came in the form of a blog post my aunt shared on Facebook. She advised that everyone take time to read this, and I took her advice. I'm so very glad that I did.

I've posted the article below because it is a must-read for every American, male and female, and I know that you, my faithful readers, will take it to heart and pass it along. I must warn you that it is at times heart-wrenching, but I assure you that this is a perfect lead-in to my coming blog post on Wednesday. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of days!


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