Monday, April 16, 2012


Holding a Piece of Time
Photo Source: Nicole Lee Artistry


What am I going to do today?

I have plenty to choose from, but nothing seems like the right choice. Nothing seems like it will make me come alive. Nothing seems like it will feed me, nourish me, teach me, strengthen me.

Nothing seems to dominate the mood.

I'd rather let go of nothing and embrace this moment. The coolness of the keys beneath my fingers. The tapping sound each letter makes as I spell out a word. My daughter's voice ringing from the other room, calling me to attend to her needs instead of to my own.

In fact, now I have a reason to rise from the deflating cushions of my leather chair, now several years old. Now I have a reason to stop my flow of thoughts and step outside of myself to make a connection with her. (Be back in a minute...)

And now, the sounds of blocks and Legos finding their proper places in the other room; the sounds of my children negotiating the details of cleaning their room. The smell of fresh air floating in from the open bathroom window, and the trill of birds blowing in on the breeze. The distant sound of my husband's voice as he connects across the miles with his best friend over the phone.

Today, as words fill this page, I feel myself smiling, relishing the richness of this moment. I am grateful for the mundane, for it is a wise and noble teacher. I am grateful for today. I will unwrap it as the gift it is one moment at a time.

What are the senses of this moment for you?

In Peace & Joy,


  1. Listening to Joseph sing Louden Wainright lyrics after glimpsing him in The Big Fish, seeing the flicker of Joseph's channel surfing juxtaposed to my memories of watching young men surfing earlier this evening at Oahu's north shore. Enjoying pineapple juice on the rocks and remembering touring the Dole Plantation earlier today.

    1. I am almost right there with you! I can definitely "hear" him singing and "see" him channel surfing. Now I have to watch The Big Fish (a great movie!) again...after I Google a picture of Louden Wainright. I'll listen to a few lyrics in honor of the both of you!