Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Change of Pace

Obsessive Readers
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If you're familiar with the history of my blog, then you know I have a habit of starting down a track and suddenly deciding to switch gears. I have done my best to keep you apprised of these abrupt changes, and thankfully it doesn't seem to deter too many of you. Here's to hoping you won't give up on me now.

After several weeks of frustrating research and writing, netting only this one mediocre post on the betrothal jewelry customs of Ancient Rome, I'm terribly concerned that this direction is lacking the punch and verve I'm accustomed to delivering from this venue. In the meantime, I'm spending copious amounts of time compiling information for a book I'm planning to write, reading all about writing for publication, preparing to accommodate some paying clients (yeah!), and working on my brand new blog about the Crown Jewels of Europe, which I hope to debut within the next few weeks.

Crazy Bookshelf
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This scenario elicits a tremendous amount of angst and pressure, which my mind handles much like the spin cycle on a washing machine. Thankfully, I think the washing machine has finally come to a halt on this load. I have finally come to rest on an idea that is oh, so compelling. Sometimes, the stroke of genius comes at the perfect time, perhaps not always in the perfect place. I will confess that this particular idea came to me while I was using the toilet. I know, not the most glamorous place and possibly TMI, but I bet many a stroke of your genius has also been found on the only throne most of you have in your homes.

My brilliant plan is to write about the vintage marriage between reading and writing. Since I am going to be writing about jewelry for a paying client, and since my book project will include a compilation and completion of the topics I have previously covered here at Vintage Betrothal, these subjects will naturally emerge as I write about this classic marriage. Rest assured, if you have been reading merely for the topical content, you will still be able to count on finding links and excerpts from other articles and book chapters I will be writing in tandem with this blog. And if you come primarily to find out how I am interacting with my topics, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

A Writer's Room
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To get us started, I offer you this quote from one of the books I'm currently reading, Jack London: No Mentor But Myself. "I am always studying....Never a night (whether I have gone out or not), but the last several hours are spent in bed with my books. All things interest me--the world is so very good. Principal studies are, scientific, sociological, and ethical--these, of course, including biology, economics, psychology, physiology, history, etc., etc.,, without end."

This quote moves me, because I believe that secretly every writer is really just a passionate reader who at some point or another has to expel some of the old material in order to allow room for more. Jack and I have a lot in common, it seems, although I read in my favorite corner of the couch rather than in my bed. Besides this collection of essays by Mr. London, today's reading list includes a novel written by Kurt Vonnegut (which I haven't started), a collection of short stories written by Hunter S. Thompson (which I did not enjoy), a novel written by Anne Lamott (which I am enjoying immensely), a book called "No More Rejections" (which is very well written and informative on the topic), and numerous samples of books about quantum mechanics and string theory (for my Kindle).

Yes, indeed, this will be a topic of great enjoyment for me. I hope you enjoy it with me.



  1. Sign me up! Looking forward to see where you go with this!

  2. Reading and writing . . . two of my most favorite things to do. So happy to hear about your plan to write about the "marriage" of these two topics, Angela! I am excited for you and look forward to following yet another of your blogs. Gram (:

  3. Thanks, Mom & Gram. I know these are all topics very dear to each one of us. Tell me, what titles do you have on your reading table today?