Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Victoria As Mystery

River Dee, The Highlands; by Queen Victoria
Photo Courtesy of Queen Pictoria

I have thoroughly enjoyed this rabbit trail into Queen Victoria's Sketchbook, but I'm feeling it in my gut. This is not the path we're supposed to be on. I'm not writing about jewelry much, and I'm not even really writing about Victoria. I'm just reading about her, and I'm growing tired of the topic. I recently found a boon of research possibilities for our next queen at Simpson University.

They have databases filled with journal articles and shelves filled with books...old articles and old books. Just the mother lode I have been searching for. Furthermore, I am on campus every other week for a women's group I attend, and I can spend a couple of hours each week there. Plus, my friend has borrowing rights and will check out books for me! What a gift!!

Twilight, by Queen Victoria
Photo Courtesy of Queen Pictoria

In light of my feelings, I wanted this to be our final post about Victoria. I had this bright idea to wrap things up with some highlights from Victoria's own words, focusing in on our common love of journaling. Alas, I am disappointed and slightly discouraged that most of her quotes have a sharp edge of self-pity and negativity. I'm not really surprised, as Victoria is definitely one of those "there's always something with you" people, but I'm still bummed to have to change my approach.

Since she was a far better painter than she was a writer, I've decided to push into one more week with a final post next week on highlights of one of her favorite painting subjects, the landscapes of Balmoral. She spent much of her time following Albert's death at Balmoral, and it was at Balmoral where she first met John Brown, her final life companion.

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