Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Home Decorating

I just started my research for the next jewelry period, the Arts & Crafts Movement. Since good writing is founded upon good research, and since good research takes time, I've decided to show you more pictures of our house today.

The Office/Guest Bedroom "Before":

The Office/Guest Room "After":

The Kids' Bedroom "Before":

The Kids' Bedroom "After"

 The Guest Bathroom "Before":

The Guest Bathroom "After":

My amazing decorator, Armina Wylie, has flown north for the summer. Standby for more pictures this fall!



  1. Oh good, a curtain in the bathroom! Things are looking good--enjoyed seeing the mini-decorators included in the photos!

  2. WOW, awesome transformations! LOVE the pink bathroom and so sweet to see that Thomas the Tank Engine valance! Orion looks like a little man that is half Eric and half you! (duh!) But seriously, he and Zara look like they have a great time together!! Love your tidy house! :)