Thursday, May 19, 2011

Projected Project

Breathe Deeply
Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I missed you last week. I made a huge push to finish my office before my parents came to visit this week. The hard work of organizing my home is finally finished. All that remains if finishing touches, which I can languish over for the next several months.

Breathe a sigh of relief with me as I ponder the effects this will have on my writing and on your reading. Though I don't have a new post for you on Queen Victoria, I do have some research perking in the wings. That means that I will have a post for you next week.

I will be introducing the Aesthetic (Late Victorian) Period and the final years of transition between Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra. This period is filled with renewal...a renewal of intricate and delicate jewelry, a renewal of hope for a nation left too long in mourning, and the renewal of innovation in science, medicine, and the arts. I look forward to delving quickly and deeply into this part of Queen Victoria's reign.

For now, I leave you with a photo and a quote:

Late Victorian Brooch
"The late Victorian Period, known as the Aesthetic Period or Movement (1880-1901) was a direct response to the overindulgent fashions and to the stuffy formality and strict protocol of the Grand Period. And after 27 years of mourning, even the staid Victorians had lamented enough. During the Aesthetic Period a sense of fun and lightheartedness returned to jewelry. Whimsical motifs such as griffins, dragons, crescent moons and stars, butterflies and salamanders, were crafted into jewels of astounding beauty." ~Judith Anderson

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