Wednesday, February 16, 2011



This past week I’ve been juggling several different projects, feeling behind in every one of them. I have been so overwhelmed, some days I don’t know where to begin. Rather than grind myself into oblivion by pushing myself to get another well-researched post out to you this week, I decided to let up on myself and take this opportunity to share what has been going on in my world.

First, we are moving out of state in less than four weeks! Whenever I say that, I want to go hide in a corner. That alone is sufficient to keep a mom busy full time. My list of things to do seems to be growing rather than shrinking, though I received some great strategy tips from a friend last night. This past week it feels like I’ve spent more time spinning my wheels than actually making progress. Yesterday, I wrote in my journal all the things pressing on me. Though I risk single-handedly raising your blood pressure, I’m going to use this space to sort it all out.

House Hunting

I am knee-deep in research, trying to find us a place to live. It is a tricky thing, as most people are looking to fill their rentals by March first. Since we are not moving until March 12th, sometimes it seems like we’re still a little premature. On the other hand, without knowing where we’re going to live, it’s hard to be confident that we will actually be able to move on March 12th. It’s a fine balancing act, for sure.

I did breathe a sigh of relief yesterday when I found out we will get a decent tax return, which will mitigate the costs and transition time involved in moving. Phew! However, this will only provide a small cushion, which leads to another thing on my list…finding paid freelance work. I love writing my blogs, but they don’t pay right now, so I’ve been looking for writing/editing gigs. I’ve got a solid company to write for, but I’ve been stuck in the goo of writer’s block again. Yep, I know…it’s fear!! It’s all fear!!


I’m happy to report that the block seemed to lift yesterday when I decided I was going to keep my focus very narrow for right now. The problem was that they told me I could write about anything I wanted. I thought that if I wrote about different topics, things I know more about than jewelry and queens, it would be faster and easier.

Unfortunately, I am me…I can’t just write off the top of my head without verifying what I’ve written. The freedom was killing me! So yesterday I decided to stick to what I’m researching now…gems, jewelry, and queens. Since I’m already building a significant database of research about what I’ve been blogging about, I’ll save myself a ton of time by sticking with that.
So that leaves the kids and the packing. The kids have been left to their own devices for weeks now. I have been so consumed by finding work, making these huge decisions, finding us a place to live, packing, and writing (when I’m not stuck in the muck)…poor little things. We did go for a walk together yesterday, but it was cut short by rain and the fact that I didn’t take a ton of time beforehand to be sure we were dressed appropriately for the weather.

It was still fun to get out and do something where I could concentrate my full attention on them for a bit. All I really have energy for these days is reading books to them. My kinesthetic son wants me to play with him and do science experiments. I feel like such a bad mom saying no. He has so many amazing ideas, and I hate to squelch any of them. As much as possible, I’ve been encouraging him to work on those things on his own. It’s not enough for him, but it's all I have to offer. I’m glad we’re going to be on the other side of this very soon!

Anyway, thanks for reading today. Send prayers and thoughts of peace my way in the coming weeks. I will continue to post weekly until the computer gets packed up.

Until next week, I wish you peace and joy!



  1. Hang in there! Good luck with the upcoming weeks!

  2. It's best to just take it one day at a time, Angela. You still have a lot of time to pack before March 12th, so don't panic. When we let ourselves get into "panic" mode, we don't think clearly and even small things look like mountains, when they are really small molehills.

    Here's a 7-day plan that might work well for you.

    Day 1: Designate one full day for research and writing. (Don't think about the other things you need to do on this day.)

    Day 2: Take one full day to just interact with the kids, giving them equal time if possible. And play, too!!

    Day 3: Seriously begin to sort and set aside, in a designated spot, some of the things you "want" to take with you when you move.

    Day 4: Pack the things you sorted to take on Day 3 into boxes or plastic tubs. Mark each box as to what it contains, i.e. Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom. Set those containers in a designated place until you actually put them in your moving truck.

    Day 5: Use this day to catch up on your housework, laundry, cleaning, and spend the extra time with the kids!

    Day 6: Use this day to research and write again, and make sure you finish at least one writing project for this week if you can.

    Day 7: Day of REST on Sundays! You will need this day to rest and recuperate from the other 6 noted above! Let hubby be responsible for the kids this day and try to get away for a few hours by yourself.

    I know you will think that you can't follow a regimen like this, but I also know that if you will try to do it, you will accomplish so much more than "juggling" things!

    I remember moving one time from one house to another in just one day's time. Schwooooo! How I did it, I can't tell you. But after the fact, it was easier in many ways than dragging it out over a month or more. Sending prayers and love your way!


  3. Thank you both! I am so encouraged.

    Gram, I have been thinking I need to structure my weeks like that, actually. I love the idea. I'm going to write it down and give it my best shot. Thankfully, I have already been setting Sundays computer, no work, no packing, no housework!